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To watch a two-minute video version (“vlog”) of David’s daily blog, go to

8 thoughts on “Video Version

  1. very thankful for this vlog! I don’t see Mr. Mainse’s picture, just do the reading……pray for healing for Eva & Shelley, complete healing from ALL cancer, TY Lord,
    Pray that I don’t get upset at how someone acted towards me, help me to overlook this action!
    Bless my swimming, the lifeguards, keep family’friends/home safe
    In Jesus Name I Pray

      • May Our Lord comfort you and your husband with strength and healing. And Cathy, may you know deep within of Our Lords love and concern for your every need and burden. This I pray for Cathy and her husband in the name of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen ✝

  2. The last video blog posted is dated August 31, 2016; disappointedly, there has been no video blog posted for September 1 through 6, 2016. Has the video blog posting been discontinued?

  3. I thank God for your ministering character. I pray to God for your well Jesus’ name..
    From the Canadian East Coast..
    Christian love..

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